Sunday, February 28, 2010

Song243_A Moving Body

Today is the last day of Month #8!

Today's song is an instrumental that I wrote on the electric/distorted guitar. However, I wanted the correct relationship between the guitars and drums (i.e. tempo, rhythms, sounds, etc), so I recorded a few drum tracks first (144bpm). The main differences in the sequences that I chose pertained to the kick drum in each. There are two main sections of this section repeates (thus bookending the center section). The two progressions that I chose are: Chorus=D-A-Bm-G, Verse=A-D-G-D-G. Other instruments include: additional electric guitars (including one e-bow track), bass guitar, 5 rhythm tracks, and 2 gritty synth sounds. This song took about 4 hours to write, record, mix, and publish.


Saturday, February 27, 2010


I got a real late start on this song. This instrumental was written in about 3 hours (out of necessity). For 241 consecutive days I have met the midnight deadline, and I wasn't going to let today's song be the exception, so I made some compromises. I think I couldn't added more to the music, and I had a few (rough) ideas for vocal melodies (but no lyrics or time). Either way, another song has been successfully added to the "A New Song Every Day" collection.

More tomorrow...


Friday, February 26, 2010

Song241_Most Recent Oldies

Before I started writing today's song I had a rhythm in my head. I found something similar in Reason, created a 'scratch' track for these drums, and I used this foundation to start writing the guitar progressions (Intro/Chorus=A-D-G, Verse=4 variations of the 'D' chord, Transition=a few kinds of 'G'). There are about 18-20 tracks in this song, and it took me about 4 hours to write, record, and mix.

LYRICS: "Sonograms. Views of new life. These are my most recent oldies. Each day like a stolen car joy-ride. It's like blowing up things in video games. Satisfies the virtual mind and space. Holograms. The new black and white. These are my most recent oldies. Each day like a stolen car joy-ride. It's like blowing up things in video games. Satisfies the virtual mind and space."


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Song240_In Time

Today is another two-in-one song. If you hang around 10-20 seconds after the first song you'll get the taste of a completely different song. The first one has vocals...the second one is just a musical 'out-tro' (i.e. opposite of 'intro'). I like this collection of sounds...lots of rhythms and melodies. The vocal melody came to me during an afternoon break, and fortunately I had my mini voice-recorder handy. The lyrics were written about 15 minutes before I sang them (around 2200), and they are about the relationship between hope and reality.

LYRICS: "Hope keeps us warm through the cold, starless nights. Some things come in their own time. Some things never at all. Some things just a step to the next side. Some things too close to call. You built the course, set the pace, run for life. Some things come in their own time. Some things never at all. Some things are just a step to the next side. Some things too close to call."


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Song239_Understandably So

Today's song begins a new album (Week35_Most Recent Oldies). Yes, this is week #35 of this recording marathon...just days away from the 9th consecutive month of writing, recording, mixing, and publishing a new song every day.

This week I will be focus less on creating "radio-ready" songs. I have, for the most part, been trying to perfect the formula that most radio song follow. However, it's fun to throw out the rule book occasionally and do whatever feels natural, fun, and right at the time of the recording. Okay, I know "fun" isn't really a musical genre, so I've narrowed the process down slightly. I will write each song this week on the guitar (today's song was written on the bass guitar played to a 'click' at 76bpm), I will focus on unique rhythms (today's song has two main electric guitars that 'duel' throughout the song...strumming chords in syncopation, etc), and I plan on trying a few new editing techniques. Some will have vocals...this one does not.

From a performance perspective, I've noticed that my improvisational skills have improved quite a bit over the past 8 months. I've actually had a number of songs in the past month or so that have been written as they were being recorded. Literally, I will activate the 'record' button and decide what I'm going to do while the computer is recording. It's a fun challenge, and I've created many tracks in this project in just one take. From a technical perspective, I'm definitely getting quicker with editing tracks. One, my playing has gotten more precise, so my edits are easier to make. Two, I've got a nimble mouse-hand and I'm able to think 4-5 steps ahead, so I never stop making actions. I've also built editing speed by making certain aspects of this process (otherwise mundane) into a game. If I have a series of regions that need to be edited and joined together, then I'll let the song play from the beginning...trying to make my edits ahead of the cursor. I can usually beat the cursor to the end. Repetition pays.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today's song includes the standard elements from this week: acoustic guitar, electric guitars (with specific pre-sets and tones), etc. There are about 12-14 tracks in this song (as opposed to the 28+ tracks in yesterday's song). I wish I could say that I originally intended for this song to be an instrumental, but the truth is I tried a few times and couldn't come up with anything that I liked. So, I restructured a few parts, added instruments to a few strategic locations, and tried to make it work without any vocals.

This was the last day of my recording week, so a new album (Week34_In The Shadows) will be available in a few hours at (I'm still working on the artwork for the album cover). Also, I haven't made any solid decisions yet about next week's album, but I am feeling the need to change things drastically. I want to get more experimental...find new sounds. Stay tuned.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Song237_Let's Fight

I barely completed this song before the midnight deadline. This song is actually two separate songs (in the same key) pasted together...with a few transition noises and fades to smooth it out. I wrote the second half of this recording earlier in the day, and then I took a long break to work on work, eat dinner, and run. I came back to the session around 2100, and I wasn't happy with the overall song. It didn't have all of the ingredients that I've been trying to work with this week, and I couldn't find a way to incorporate them (since I wrote the drums, bass, and keys before writing the guitars). I contemplated starting from scratch, but there was only 3 hours left in the day. I compromised and added the beginning section (written and recorded in 2 hours). I didn't even start writing these lyrics until 2245, and I only sang each vocal part (no more than) 2 times. I mixed, mastered, and bounced the first version at 2310, but I wasn't happy with the levels. I re-adjusted the volume of a few sections, raised the overall volume, and I bounced a new copy at 2333. This is (so far) the longest song in this collection...6:16.

LYRICS: "Tanks on the horizon. Still building bombs. Talking no longer works. No patience and nobody listening, so let's fight. Banks in the harbors. Officials on the lamb. Talking no longer works. No patience and nobody listening, so let's fight."

By the way, a new album (Week34_In The Shadows) will be available tomorrow evening at I did an online image search for "In The Shadows" because I was short on ideas for the album artwork for this week (which hasn't been created yet). I didn't realize that both Evanescence and Marylin Manson have albums with this title. Hmmm. Great minds think alike?


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Song236_The Verge

Today's song is the 2nd instrumental of the week. Choosing to do this wasn't an excuse not to write lyrics today, but it was because this combination of instruments is conducive to such arrangements....very spacious, very moody. I could continue this theme for weeks.

I worked on a video project most of the morning, spent time with Carly in the afternoon, and finally started writing today's song around 1800. I started with the 'washy' electric guitar, then recorded bass guitar and the strings. Every track today was recorded to the 'click,' since there are not drums in this song.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Song235_Largest Window in Space

So far, I've stuck with certain instruments and pre-sets all was no exception. I wrote this song on the electric guitar (the 'washy' sound...heavy with reverb and delay), and I like this chord progression. I don't think I've ever used this combination of chords before (Intro=C-D-A, Verse=F#m-B). Next, I recorded the drums, followed by the bass guitar, violin, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and vocals. The lyrics were written in about 10-minutes, and they're dedicated to the new observation window recently installed on the ISS (International Space Station). We may not have the largest country or the largest army, but we made the largest window in space.

LYRICS: "So much in sight. Each orbit, each night. We've taken things far. Space walked, touched stars. Now that we're here. Now this is home. Trading-out planets. Running the tangents."

(I thought of the phrase "running the tangents" because I remembered an article that I read before running my first marathon. The author explained that if you take the long route around each corner of a marathon, then you can potentially add 0.25-0.5 additional miles to the overall race distance...depending on the course.)


Friday, February 19, 2010


Today's song is an instrumental and includes: acoustic guitar, drums, bass guitar, electric guitar (played with an e-bow), 2 electric guitars (clean/picking), electric guitar (strumming/reverb), and 3 keyboard sequences. I worked on this song from 0930 until 1300 (3 hours 30 minutes to write and record this one), and I like it.


Thursday, February 18, 2010


I woke up around 0400 today, started recording around 0500, took a break for coffee and the morning paper, and then kept working on today's song until almost noon. Brandon is producing an album for his mom's band (a gospel quartet), and he's close to completing the 20-song project. He brought his hard-drive over today and we worked on a few of the songs until 1700. I have a few tools (keyboard sounds, guitar effects, plug-ins, etc) that he doesn't have on his system, so it's convenient to be able to share computers. I took a break for a workout and dinner, and then I worked on this song until 2230. It's been a long day, and I have ear-fatigue, which is not a fungus but rather just slang for "reduced listening-sensitivity due to excessive sound-pressure-levels."

I wrote today's song in response to a recent article that I read in Business Week magazine. An entrepreneur (and atheist), Bart Centre, has created a company that provides care for the pets that will be left behind when their owners are "raptured" by the Second-Coming. He admits that he's "trying to figure out how to cash in on this hysteria," and he's succeeding (he currently has over 100 customers that paid $110/each for a 10-year contract). I have multiple feelings about this story. One, as an entrepreneur I admire his creativity in a similar way that I admire the company that sells the rights to stars in space. It's a mild form of genius to be able to identify a need (no matter how strange) and turn it into cash. Two, I think it's hilarious that the method of care he created for these pets revolves around a network of other atheists that have signed contracts agreeing to gather and care for the pets that are left behind. They get paid upfront, and they admit to not believing that they'll ever have to follow-through with the service they're being paid for because...well, they're atheists. Three, it reveals an interesting insecurity that some Christians possess. I personally think that God, having made animals, probably has a better plan for what happens to them than Bart Centre. And, I bet Bart Centre will have bigger concerns than feeding animals if he finds himself "left behind."

The music for this song took many shapes and unexpected turns. There are about 5-7 tracks of instruments that you're not hearing in this mix, but I'm pleased with how it finally turned out. I like the unpredictable guitar solo at the beginning. The first half of the progression is purposefully odd so that it can resolve into the comforting melody that you hear in the second half of that section. The music is probably too serious for this ridiculous topic, but...

LYRICS: "An outline of history written before time? Was there a Creator, or did matter just collide? Will there be a rapture? Will the pets be okay? Will they 'stay with the godless,' or beg at the tables of saints? Maybe the Creator has plans for the animals. Yes, even the animals."


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Song232_In The Shadows

Today's song begins a new album, Week34_In The Shadows. The common musical elements this week will be: acoustic guitar, electric guitar (with a GR3 pre-set that's heavy with delay and reverb), and vocal harmonies. I'll change many things each day (such as tempo, chord progressions, etc), but having these standard ingredients will ensure a consistent sound for the entire album.

I started this song with the acoustic guitar...strumming chords until I found a few progressions (and a tempo) that I liked. The chords are standard...nothing fancy, which made it easy to add a steady bass line...followed by drums, tambourine, 3 electric guitars, a synth sequence, a violin, and 6 different vocal tracks. I wrote the lyrics as I wrote the melodies. The lyrics are average. (This entire song was written and recorded in about 4 hours). I was going for a certain tone, but I didn't have a specific message before I started writing. Also, my voice was a little strained today, but layering multiple vocal tracks gave it a bigger sound (and it hid some imperfections).

LYRICS: "Make a list of all your fears. Ones that hide in the shadows. You're lost, but hope doesn't hide. You fly blind and solo. You hang out in the shadows. Watch the unknown disappear. Deep into the hope appears on time. You fly blind and solo. You hang out in the shadows."


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Song231_Never Too Late

Today's song completes another album, Week33_Starting Over Again. I used some similar techniques and instruments throughout the entire week...I like that this collection of songs sound like they belong on the same album (but they don't sound the same). The most common ingredient was acoustic guitar. I also had fun recording vocals with my wife for the first time (Song227_Our Love)...I like her voice, and we had fun, so we'll record more in the future.

I worked today until 1300 today, took a quick break, Brandon came over, and we started recording this song around 1345. Brandon played the acoustic guitar (with a drum rhythm set to 78bpm), I recorded the bass guitar, and then Brandon had to leave. I like the transitions in this song, but I decided to make it an I layered constructively.

The newest album will be available soon at:


Monday, February 15, 2010

Song230_This Time

I took a unique approach to writing this song...started with a repetitive keyboard sequence (set to 128bpm), then added a kick drum, and then added bass guitar. I used the bass guitar to create the chord progressions (and their placement within the song), and then I continued layering. The acoustic guitar holds everything together (and plays throughout the entire song). I wrote and recorded vocals, but I didn't think my vocals were as good as the song. It might've worked as an instrumental, but I had higher hopes for this song. I worked on it from 1100 until 1700, and I didn't return to re-attempt vocals until 2200. I guess I just needed some fresh ears, because I was able to come up with lyrics and a melody within 45 minutes. The song was already mixed, so I still had time to spare on the midnight deadline.

LYRICS: "You fell into a mess...confess. Your disguises failed the test, 'cause I can see through you, and you need me like I need you. This time is as good as any. You're in a mess, come on...confess. 'Cause I can see through you, and you need me like I need you. This is only a test, and it won't be the last time, and this won't be your last try. So, try starting once again. No more lies...truth in disguise. This time is as good as any. You're in a mess, come on...confess. 'Cause I can see through you, and you need me like I need you."


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Song229_Yours and Mine

I woke up early, worked until 11:30am, and then I started writing this instrumental on the acoustic guitar. I recorded this acoustic track spontaneously...playing each of the parts that I kept during a 5-6 minute attempt. I chose the best progressions, edited the structure of the song, and began layering. The drums and bass guitar were next...the rest was 'icing.' Overall, I kept this one pretty simple...low track count...not too many competing sounds.

PS: Happy Valentines Day, Carly!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Song228_Can't Stand Still

I wrote this one on the acoustic guitar...found three separate changes, recorded them in secession and chose not to repeat any section. (I played 'open' bar-chords such as A-G-A#, then D-C, then F-C-G). There are some common elements to all 3 sections, but each section also has unique instruments of its own. This was a complete spontaneous exercise in which I wrote foundation (acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and drums), and then I layered with the record button activated. I like the overall tone of this song. I think I had a good starting point, and I tried to tell one story as I tied each section together. This entire song was written and completed in about 4 hours.

LYRICS: "Nothing can stop us army or alien. Stand with us and face the change. Onward to better things. How many times 'till we know? How many times?"


Friday, February 12, 2010

Song227_Our Love

This has been an interesting day. The 11" of snowfall last night eliminated our electricity for 10 hours, then I went outside and found that half of a tree had fallen on my truck. It's ironic, because it's probably only the 2nd or 3rd time I've parked on the street. (At the house I lived in previously I parked on the street regularly. One night a drunk driver hit my car at an estimated speed of 60mph).
Other news: Carly sang with me on today's song! She was in the studio with me (knitting) while I was recording. We've talked about her singing in the past, but it's been a challenge since I write spontaneously (and I usually fit the vocals to the music instead of creating her melody first). Anyway, I heard something, we tried a rough version of it by singing "la, la, la's" together, and it worked. I wrote some quick lyrics, and we re-recorded the vocals. By this point I already had about 80% of the music recorded, but I went back and added some highlights (synth, fx, transitions,...). I like her voice, and it was a great effort considering that she did her parts in only 4-5 takes (maybe 20 minutes).
LYRICS: "You showed up on time, and you're so much more than anything I'd thought to hope for. Love must've called our names. Carved in a tree for always. No matter where you are you never feel far. That's more than I had thought to hope for. Love must've called our names. Carved in a tree for always. Your love echoes to my toes. Our love continues to grow."

Thursday, February 11, 2010


This week's theme is not just about "starting over" (something most of us can relate to), but it's mostly about "starting over...again." I'm thankful for the tough lessons I've learned (some more than once), and I don't fear change like I used to. Any challenge in life, approached with the right mindset, can produce growth. God said to "rejoice" as we go through hard times, because struggles produce perseverance, which produces character, which leads to hope, etc. That's hardcore, but it's humility (not age) that make that understandable.

I wrote this song by recording an acoustic guitar to a 'click' (set to 80bpm). It took me a few tries to find some chord progressions that I liked. I kept most of it simple (A-E-B), but I threw in some odd progressions (C-E) in the middle of certain parts to illustrate the uncertain feelings that change can create. The drums and bass guitar were recorded next, followed by an organ, a violin and 3 electric guitars (one distorted and two clean). I decided last night that this song would be about "change" (which is always part of "Starting Over Again"), but I didn't write the lyrics until the music was complete. I spent about 45 minutes creating the lyrics and melodies, and then it took an additional 30 minutes to record and edit them.

LYRICS: "Holding on for your life. 'Cause change is scary sometimes. (You're) a million miles from all you know. No one to blame, and no place to go. This is the moment you stop or keep going. Just keep your focus and your feet on the ground. You're holding tight and getting weak. It's letting go that takes more strength. (You're) a million miles from all you know. No one to blame, and no place to go. This is the moment you stop or keep going. Just keep your focus and your feet on the ground. You and I both know we can make it. Now's the time to take the first step to it."

PS: We had a drastic change in weather today. It snowed about 7 Texas! Carly and I went for a walk and it felt like a true mountain-snow...thick flakes, no wind, soft crunchy snow...


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Song225_Starting Over Again

I wrote today's instrumental on the bass guitar (set to a 'click' at 130bpm). The drums (x2) and tambourine were added next, followed by the acoustic guitar (which seemed to only fit in one of the two sections). I like the sound of this song even though it turned out much different than planned. This one, like a few others in the past, is a product of limited time. I think I could've done much more with this song had I not been limited to completing it today.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Song224_Trio of Loud

Today's instrumental completes another album. 'Week32_Trio of Loud' will be available within hours at Thanks to Carly for creating this week's album artwork.

Today's effort combined a few simple elements...starting with an electric guitar strumming 2-3 unique chord patters (using non-traditional chord formations). The drums and bass guitar gave it a good foundation, then I added a string section and 4 additional electric guitars. This was intended to be an odd, short, instrumental so no lyrics were written today.

Week #33 begins tomorrow. I have a musical and lyrical theme in mind for this next album... (more details tomorrow).


Monday, February 8, 2010

Song223_Our Walks to Nowhere

The first track I recorded today was a drum rhythm that inspired a fast strumming part on the electric guitar. It's ironic then, that neither of these foundational tracks appear in the final version of this song. In fact, I wrote/recorded about 8 tracks, deleted 4, then added 6 more. There are 3 chord progressions in this song, and although none are too complicated I do like the intricacy of the 3 electric guitars. One of them (panned to the center of the stereo-field) plays consistently, the other two (panned to opposite sides of the stereo-field) are sporadic melodies that add texture. I didn't even consider adding vocals to this song...I like it as an instrumental.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Song222_Come On (Get Up)

I decided not to even turn the computer on today until I had written lyrics. I spent about 30-minutes plotting lyrical and musical plans, then I dove in head-first. I picked a BPM (144), build a foundation of rhythm tracks (kick, one kit, congas, and tambourine), and then I recorded the 2 (strumming) electric is clean and one is distorted. Now I had enough tracks to start editing and arranging the order of each section...then I added bass guitar. There are 2 picking guitars (panned opposite of each other) that add lots of definition to the vocal sections, and I added a chorus of fuzzy-synth sounds to the interludes. I worked on this song from about 1100-1630. Apparently there's a football game on TV today called "The Super Bowl." Carly and I are going to take advantage of having the town to ourselves...going out for dinner and a movie.

LYRICS: "No revolution is half-hearted. Come on, get up, get started. No marathon is won without running. Come on, get up, get going. It's war and the bullets are flying. Come on, get up, start fighting. Riches aren't earned without thinking. Come on, get up, start dreaming. Fear will limit your movement. Come on, get up, get movin.' The referee has signaled to fight. Come on, get up, it's time."


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Song221_A New Fire

This song was written on a (clean) electric guitar at 122bpm. I created 3-4 changes in the progression (many of the chords have odd/non-standard formations), and I focused on layering each section with different melodies and/or instruments. The other instruments are: bass guitar, 2 electric guitars, 2 sets of drums, a string section, a rhythmic sequence, and 3 separate fuzz-synths. Yesterday I run out of time, not ideas, and I was frustrated by that. I hoped to redeem myself today, but I really struggled with the lyrics AND the vocal melodies on this song. I know they're there somewhere, but I chose to adapt rather than force anything. Adapting meant re-arranging a few parts of the songs and adding additional instruments that something new is always happening and you don't even miss the vocals. Did it work?


Friday, February 5, 2010

Song220_Starting Blocks

I had to work today until 1600, and we had plans to be eat dinner with family at 1800 (it's my father-in-law's birthday). I recorded from1600-1800, but I deleted the entire lacked any sense of direction. So, I went to dinner, got back around 2030 and prepared a new session-file. I knew that time was limited. I've had a few good/quick days where the music has come together in about 3 hours (because I showed up with a plan), but then vocals usually take an additional hour. I had 3 hours (total) until midnight, so that also meant that I had to have the mix complete, the file converted and emailed, blog, twitter, etc...all in 3 hours...and I had no plan for the song. I felt the pressure, but it worked out okay. I knew I probably wouldn't have time for vocals, so I structured this song to build in volume and intensity. There are 3 main sections (each repeats the same chord progression), and each section has its own set of instruments. Section 1 starts already in a groove...drums and bass come in immediately. Then, Section 2 eliminates the drums and bass, but it introduces two electric guitars that pick dueling parts. The lull of Section 2 paves the way for the strong finale.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Song219_First Sight

It's 2336...barely got today's song finished before midnight. I worked on this song for about 2 hours early in the day, but I didn't like where it was headed. When I finally came back to it later in the day (around 1900) I had 3 tracks to work with...drums, electric guitar (picking), and bass guitar. I decided to delete the bass guitar and re-record it using synth bass, which seemed to fit the style of the song better. The 2 additional electric guitars were added next, followed by a string section and a violin (placed only in the 'bridge' section). I wrote the lyrics at 2230, sang each part a few times, and starting mixing.

LYRICS: "I was young and restless, still unbroken, bold and anxious. But you, are the morning's light and the evening's stars. And you, are every breath and every thought. A safehouse, you're my high-ground, (you're) all that's present, the best thing I've found. And you, are the morning's light and the evening's stars. And you, are every breath and every thought."


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today's song (Song218_Speechless) begins a new album (Week32_Trio of Loud).

I started writing today's song by creating one drum track (140bpm) and one keyboard sequence (the rhythmic beep-like sound from the 'intro' section). These tracks inspired the fuzzy synth part...a moving (staccato) progression that was played in the lower octaves of the keys. I didn't add the electric guitars until later in the process, which changed the overall sound quite a bit. There are 3 main sections of vocals (2-3 tracks for each), and the lyrics/melody were written with the 'record' button activated (though it still took a little over an hour to create them).

LYRICS: "I'm looking at you as you're looking at me. We're both wondering what the other one sees. Here's something never seen before. You're speechless, but I could say some more. Love's something you say you ignore, but your friends, your eyes say so much more. You're close to the door, but you're close to my heart. Can't help this an end or a start."


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Song217_Hey, You

Today's song completes another album. "Week31_Vanilla Camel" is now available at

This song had an unusual metamorphosis. I wrote this one on the electric guitar (strumming), and then I added: drums, bass, 2 solo guitars, tambourine, a violin, and another electric guitar (only in the drum-less sections). I started this song around 1700...pretty late start, but I had to work until 1600. I finally got around to writing lyrics at 2130, but less than 2 hours before the midnight deadline I decided to scrap those lyrics and start fresh. My first attempt was titled "Summon the Elders," and it was basically about religion/humanity shaping God so that he takes a form that is pleasing to them and applicable to their needs. I wrote about arrogantly "going toe-to-toe with the Creator of the universe" and so on, but it was wordy and too deep. Anyway, I ending up writing the simple phrase below. It's not as profound, but it fits the music better than my first attempt.

LYRICS: "Hey,'s the time to shine your light. Hey, more time for us tonight."

By the way, I decided to clean up the email list (through Constant Contact). I don't ever want to be an email pest, so I went through and searched the history on each account. There were a small handful of addresses that weren't opening the OTTO Newsletters, so I deleted them. I was under the assumption that they are either ending up in Spam folders (because of the image attachments?) or they aren't wanted. Again, it was a small number of addresses that I deleted, but if I deleted yours on accident please re-join!

PS: I completed and uploaded this week's album at 2335...time to spare. Constant Contact says I sent the email at 0035, but they are set to the EST.


Monday, February 1, 2010

Song216_A Little Behind

I didn't get started on today's song until around 1500, but I made quick progress...had all but the vocals completed by 1800. I wrote this song on the electric guitar, but I recorded the drums first (which helped to inspire the guitar part). The progression is simple (E-G-C-D), so I chose to focus on the rhythm of the bass guitar...only playing the main bass notes instead of finding melodies or "walking" lines. The keys and vocals make this one stand out. It was a pretty basic rock song before adding these two elements.

LYRICS: "Your heart beats faster when you think. Your brain thinks faster than you speak. Patience, this time, is not an option I like. You're always ahead. I'm always just a little behind. Your speech sounds better when you lie. Your clock moves faster than mine. Patience, this time, is not an option I like. You're always ahead. I'm always just a little behind."

PS: The FREE month of music was a success. Thanks for all the comments...