Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Song274_Long Way Around

Today's song begins a new album, Week40_Permanent Records. It's time to get back to writing structured songs with vocals and repeating parts (i.e. verse, chorus, bridge). My plan for this week is pretty loose, but I will follow a few guidelines each day that will inevitably shape the sound of this album. One, I will write each song this week by creating a series of chord progressions on the acoustic guitar. Two, I will use the same basic instruments each day, and each instrument will utilize it's own unique pre-set for all 7 songs. In addition to the acoustic guitar I will also be using: bass guitar, distorted guitar, strumming guitar (heavy with delay and reverb), and a solo guitar (either picking notes or using an e-bow).

The idea for this specific song came to me early this morning. I was able to hear and predict most of the chord changes in my head (Verse=C-Em-C-Em-C-Em-Am-D, Chorus=G-D-Em repeated). I wrote down the chord progressions and a few lines of lyrics, then I ate breakfast and worked on a web design project. I came back a few hours later, picked up the acoustic guitar, and I worked out the tempo, the strumming pattern, and the 'Bridge' section (Am-Em-C-Em-Am-Em-C-D). I recorded a drum sequence (110bpm) before tracking the acoustic, which helps the strumming sound more natural and less mechanical (as it often does when recorded using only the 'click' track as a guide). Next, I added bass guitar (written and recorded in one take), distorted and clean electric guitars, and 2 tracks of piano (featured in the 'Bridge' section only). There are also 2 electric guitars (picking solo notes), a string section and 4 vocal tracks. The lyrics came to me as I was trying to find melodies (with the "record" button enabled). There are just a few lines of lyrics that seemed to fit the mood of the song. It took about 4.5 hours to write and record this song.

LYRICS: "You're taking the long way. Taking the long way around. You're taking the long way across new ground. How can you say that you believe in love, then fall apart when things start getting rough. Enough is enough. You're better off that most."


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today's song was written by first creating a simple foundation of synth instruments (mostly a variety of string sections). Next, I added synth bass, and then I build a rhythm section. Additionally, there are 4 guitars: clean strumming, distorted strumming, distorted e-bow, and clean picking. I edited this song so that it gradually builds and then stops all together. I think this is a good, appropriate ending to Week 39's album (which will be available in a few hours at:

Tomorrow is the last day of month #9 (March), and all music is FREE in April to those on the mailing list. This next album will be different from the last few. One, I will re-incorporate singing into every song. Two, each song will have a more purposeful (and predictable) structure. There's a song that I recorded a few weeks ago that had a nice combination of guitar sounds, and I think I'll center most of the songwriting around guitar progression (using those particular pre-sets). The titles, the lyrics, the chord progressions, etc will all be determined on a daily basis (as usual).


Monday, March 29, 2010

Song272_At This Distance

This song was fun to create. I approached it, at first, as a technical/editing challenge. I created and arranged 5 different rhythms, then wrote the bass guitar progressions (such as: C-F, Em-F-C-G, and C-Em-Am-Em). Next, I wrote and recorded the main (clean/strumming) guitar, which plays throughout the entire song. Next, I added distorted guitar (in 2 main sections), e-bow guitar, 2 additional electric guitars (picking solos), and 4-5 synth sounds (from random effects to vibrato string sections). I like the ups and downs of this song, and I think this would be fun to perform with a full band (if only to watch the drummer play the last part of the song).

Tomorrow's song will be the final song on this album (Week39_Life-Sized Kids).


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Song271_Through the Corners

Today's song is another collection of rhythms, bass lines, guitars, and synth sounds. I pieced together a series of 2-chord progressions...simple changes that slide up/down (such as: C-D, G-F, and A-B). I've used a few of these progressions in other songs already, but the combination of progressions and instruments is new. This song, like a few others this week, has a low-fi sound to if some of the sounds are coming out of a distant, broken speaker. I used synth bass today (performed on the keys instead of the bass guitar), which I haven't used for a while.


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today's recording is another upbeat instrumental that's heavy with rhythms, bass guitar, large synths, and fast low-fi guitar strumming. The original song was written in two sections (both in the key of 'E'), and each sections repeats once. The song that starts after the first one ends was created in spontaneously in the last 30 minutes of recording. I spent about 4 hrs writing, recording, mixing, and uploading this song.


Friday, March 26, 2010


Today's song is unique, and appropriately named. It randomly changes direction (and keys), but it does so all together. It turned out to be 12 (or so) tracks, but the 4 stampeding guitar tracks sit on top of the mix. The structure consists of 3 main sections, but all of the guitar parts are different in each section (even the ones that repeat the same chord progression). I added a synth vocal choir in the background to smooth the rough edges, but the bass and drums drive this song.

I started writing this song after work today (around 1500), but I ran into a few software glitches around 1700, and I wasn't able to continue this song again until 2200. I stopped working on the song around 2320, got the mix right on the first try, and got it uploaded around 2335. Close call, but I learned a few things from this experience. To fix the software issue I had to dive into some manuals and open some windows that I hadn't opened before. Throughout the process of identifying the problem I was able to customize my sessions in a way that will save time in the future. I like learning experiences, but I prefer to learn technical lessons when the clock is not running.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Song268_Soapbox Derby

I started writing today's song around noon, and I approached this one a little different than ever before. I found about 6 individual rhythm tracks, and I edited and arranged the entire percussion section before recording anything else. I've started songs with drums before, but I usually don't determine what will go where (and for how long) until I've written another foundational part (usually guitar, sometimes bass guitar, sometimes keys). The next instrument that I recorded was the bass guitar. I played along to each section...writing each part as I recorded. The bass happened quickly (1-2 takes on each section), and then I was able to edit, EQ, and mix these tracks before taking a break.

I ate lunch around 1330, and then Brandon (Steach) came over. We had scheduled some time to work on his mom's CD project (a 20-plus song double-disc of quality gospel music). Half of these songs have a pre-recorded backtrack (i.e. they tracked it karaoke-style), and the other half Brandon arranged and recorded himself. We worked on one song for about 4.5 hours with minimal progress, and then we took a break and went running (nice day...went 3 miles). Our session today helped us realize some ways to make progress more efficiently, so in some ways it was productive.

I returned to today's song around 2000, and completed it around 2300 (4.5 hrs total to write, record, and mix). I really like this arrangement, and it was fun to record (especially the guitar parts, which seemed to write themselves). The mix took a few tries. I found a track with some rogue frequencies after the first mix, fixed it, raised the overall levels, and re-mastered the song. Another day complete.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Today's song begins a new album, Week39_Life-Sized Kids. In some ways, I wanted this week to be a continuation of last week's style. Last week consisted of all instrumentals, the changes evolved slowly, and the spaces were large (lots of reverb and synth pads). There are a few reasons that I wanted to continue this style. One, it was pushing me to find new sounds and to alter existing sounds. Two, it was enhancing my editing skills. Three, I'm learning to be more deliberate and precise with instrument placement, sound, E.Q., etc. There are no vocals, and the song structures are not very predictable, so every bit of the arrangement has to be purposeful.

Brandon (Steach) was able to come over and help with today's song. He got here around 1000, and we talked about how we were going to approach this recording session. In that 30-minutes I decided on the album title (I had 3-4 options for this week), and we also outlined some specific ways to continue last week's style without having the exact same sound/mood. These are broad goals, but since each day is from scratch they help to hone the daily process. Goals for this week are: don't use a BPM below 160, (re)incorporate acoustic guitar, make the mood brighter and punchier (last week's was more serious and contemplative), have more abrupt changes (and pauses), utilize more cymbals, continue to make songs that evolve (and don't repeat).

This song, Song267_Doodles, is about 24-28 tracks, took about 5 hours to write and record, and consists of 4-5 different ideas pasted together (all in the same key). Some sections have completely different rhythm sections and their own unique set of instruments, so it was a challenge to keep EQ's and levels consistent. It helped to have a few consistent instruments (such as bass guitar and acoustic guitar), and the cymbals tie each section together nicely. We finished around 1930 and thought we were going to run, then we felt thunder rattle the house...followed by rain. It seems like there's just enough time to eat dinner and catch up on work before it's time to record another song. These days fly.



Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today's song completes another week of recording! The newest album, Week38_Connection Status: Nearly Active, will be available for sale later today at: (only $5 for 7 songs plus the album artwork).

The foundation of today's song is comprised of strings, a variety of synth sounds, and the occasional random sound-effect (no percussion today). I added the bass guitar part near the end of my session, and I really like the (repeating) pattern...a combination of staccato notes, sliding notes, and walking progressions. There are about 17-20 tracks in this recording. I finished work around 1300, recorded for 2 hrs, then had another work meeting. I was able to complete and upload this song by 1800, so it took me (about) a total of 4 hrs to write and record.

The artwork for this week's album cover has a unique story behind it. The photo/design looks (to me) like the docking station for an underwater colony. It's actually a photo that my wife took this past week while we were at the MUSE concert. This photo (taken during their performance) is an upside-down view of the ceiling at the Fort Worth Convention Center (in downtown Ft. Worth, TX). I cropped it, flipped it upside-down, and then Carly added the titles and adjusted the color and contrast. I like it, and I think it's very fitting for the mood of this week's music...and that's always the goal.

There are now less than 100 days remaining in this project! Next week will begin a new album, but I'm still working out the details. I got some good feedback about Week #38, so the music might be a continuation of this past week's style. Stay tuned...


Monday, March 22, 2010


265 days complete! Technically, I only have 100 days left, however, I've decided to go 366 consecutive days. At this point, I don't just want to finish...I'd like to conquer. It's like coach always said, "run THROUGH the finish line, not TO the finish line." Anyway, tomorrow will start the countdown, and by Wednesday (the start of Week #39) I will only have a double-digit number of days remaining. (The extra day is also to help with inevitable withdrawals). My goal from here is to top what I've accomplished so far. I'm hoping my best songs are still un-written.

Today's song (Song265_Flicker) is two separate ideas in the same key (G). The only common track/instrument is the bass guitar, and each song has about 10 unique tracks of it's own (all within the same ProTools session). The opening is dramatic, pounding, and full of anticipation. The second half is bouncy, synth based, and less serious. I like them both.

I am juggling a few work projects right now (in addition to recording each day), so I wrote and recorded this song in two separate sittings. Most of the song was completed within the first 3 hours, but I came back and spent an additional 1.5 hrs adjusting some sounds, mixing, mastering, and completing other random (daily) tasks.

Tomorrow will be the final song on this album (Week38_Connection Status: Nearly Active).


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Song264_Nearly Active

Today's song has a variety of instruments: bass guitar, 4 separate drum rhythms, electric guitars (unlike yesterday's song), strings, and a handful of synth sounds. I starting creating this song around 1000, but I didn't finish it until 2020. I had a few long breaks, so this one actually took about 4 hours to write, record and mix. It is structured into 3 main sections...the last one is my favorite.


Saturday, March 20, 2010


This song was created in a similar way to the others this week...I selected, altered, and edited 5 separate drum rhythms, and then I added 3 simple bass progressions. Adding bass guitar helped me shape the song into different sections. From there, I found a variety of sounds to layer within each section (some overlapping to smooth the transitions). Some of these sounds needed to be foundational...full and consistent, while others are more on top of the mix, sporadic, melodic, etc. I like the contrast between the blunt drum rhythms and the soft wash of synth melodies. There are about 20 tracks in this song, so it's (always) necessary to be deliberate when deciding where each instrument will be within the stereo-field. Since I'm working with new sounds it took me 3 mixes to get the E.Q. right today. I worked on this song throughout the day, took a long break around 1930 to run in the Texas snowstorm, and then came back to finish it up (about 4 hours total).


Friday, March 19, 2010

Song262_Landing Sequence

I had some help in the studio today, which was a nice change. Brandon Steach came over around 1215, and he brought his hard drive with him. He had started a session the other day specifically for this occasion....a rough idea that consisted of 4 un-edited tracks (repeating F-A#). We decided to keep one of the drum rhythms that he found, and we also kept a few of the synth sounds to build around. This song was structured to have 3 main sections, and each section has unique sounds. The final section is the main crescendo, and I like the distorted guitar that randomly de-tunes each chord (via tremolo bar)'s subtle, but edgy. Brandon created the bass guitar progressions, and we shared engineering duties (there are over 20 tracks in the final mix). We got the mix right on the second try, and finished this song around 1735.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Song261_First Day of the Future

I could go all day on songs like this...the possibilities are endless. There is never the 'perfect' sound. Instead, there are unique ways to make almost any sound work (with the right placement and editing). At some point it just becomes about making decisions and moving forward. It's pointless to predict the final product since it evolves as it's being created...track by track. I only spent about 3 hours writing and recording this song, and (fortunately) I got the mix right on the first try. I thought about adding more, but this quick session will give my aching wrist time to relax, and it will give me a chance to get caught up on work (I'm building a few websites for others).

I started this song by layering a few drum and synth sequences (similar to yesterday's song). There are three electric guitars in this song (2 picking solo notes, 1 using controlled feedback via E-bow). The majority of this song revolves around drums and bass, and the 'icing' is comprised of about 3-5 synth tracks. (There are only about 10 tracks total).


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Song260_Arrows in the Sky

Today's song begins a new album (Week38_Connection Status: Nearly Active). This week's music will be all instrumental, and the goal is to create rhythmic and melodic atmospheres. There will be lots of percussion, lots of synth, lots of reverb, lots of repetition.

I created this song (Song260_Arrows in the Sky) by layering a variety of drum and synth sequences to create a foundation. Next, I wrote and recorded 5-6 different bass guitar progressions (all in the key of 'C'). The electric guitars were two of the final elements, but it was creative editing that made this song work. Instruments are consistently entering and fading away, but they do so in a layered manor...rarely two at once. I like the mood that this song creates. Also, I like the challenge that creating this style of music presents. It will force me to find new sounds, new rhythms, and new ways of connecting them all into something new. Also, songwriting (this week) will be less about chord progressions and formulaic structuring (i.e. verse, chorus, bridge, etc), and it will be more about movement, melody, rhythm, etc. It should be an interesting, fun week of recording.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Today's song completes another album, Week37_Controller. The new album will be available for $5 later today at

The foundation of today's song was created on the bass guitar. I found 3 separate progressions that I liked (such as: D-E-G-A), paired them each to unique drum rhythms, and then added acoustic guitar. The way this song changes progressions (and never returns) is for those with short attention spans. In fact, each section is like it's own song (with its own unique instruments, melodies, and tones), so it's probably comforting to the schizophrenic as well. The vocals were last-minute. The opening (spoken) audio was recorded into my digital voice-recorder, then played back into an AKG vocal mic (with reverb and delay added).

Brandon Arnold stopped by while I was recording, so I had him record the opening few measures of this song on the acoustic guitar (the 'D' chord that's strummed once every 4 beats). He's been playing guitar for almost a year, and he's made good progress. I don't think strumming this one chord challenged his abilities, but it was probably a good first experience with recording. Wearing headphones, playing to a 'click' track, and knowing that the "record" button is activated can be intimidating.

I have now successfully completed 37 consecutive weeks of recording a new song every day. I have not yet decided what next week's album will be like. I don't have a title, artwork, or any music prepared yet, but I'm looking forward to it.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Song258_Similar Voices

I approached today's recording session with a vague idea of what I wanted to create. I recorded a few drum sequences that I had never used before, and next I wrote the guitar progression while recorded the distorted guitar (which was recorded throughout the song, then deleted during the interlude section). I didn't like either. The rhythms were too slow for what I had originally envisioned and the guitar progression was too dissonant. I deleted everything, bumped up the BPM to 130 (from 120), and I repeated the process using different drum sequences and a different chord progression (F#m-A-D, then E-A-F#m-E). It was worth it to start over. I immediately heard a new melody in my head, which became the vocal (and guitar) melody during the singing sections. The song is actually called "Similar Voices" because of the way the guitars (distorted e-bow and delayed picking) mirror each other. Additional instruments used: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, solo violin, random noises, and 2 vocal tracks.

I started this song around 1600, and I worked on it (off-and-on) until 2210. I still have a few things to get done tonight: create a new webpage to accommodate this week's album (I filled up another page of albums!), create the album artwork for Week #37, and change my guitar strings.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


I started today's song much later than usual...around 1900. I wrote the rhythm section first (including bass guitar), and then I added a variety of synth sequences, e-bow guitars, and guitars with delay and reverb. The chord progression doesn't change much, so the challenge was to edit this song so that it has peaks and valleys. I tried to be strategic about when and where certain instruments appear. I had to do a few mixes before I was happy with the final product, but I was able to complete this song before midnight (2331).

More tomorrow...


Saturday, March 13, 2010


I wrote and recorded the rhythm section first today. There are 6 separate drum sequences throughout the song (each with unique pre-sets such as: distortion, chorus, reverb, phase, etc). The bass line was fun to play, and the keys and synth sounds created a nice background for the sporadic guitar parts. The slower section in the center was created to add contrast. I wrote and recorded vocals, but I thought it said more as an instrumental. If you don't count the hour that I spent on vocals, then this song was written and recorded in 3 hours.


Friday, March 12, 2010


I started today with the idea of creating an entire song with only 4-5 tracks. There was a good reason for this. The amount of time I've spent operating a computer mouse has taken a tole on my wrist. I started noticing the pain a few times each month, then at least once each week, then every day, and now it's starting to hurt even when I'm not working. I'm searching for solutions, but, for now, minimizing my time recording might help.

Anyway, I started writing this song by finding the drum sequence that plays in the first section. It's very low-fidelity, and the sound reminded me of Guided By Voices, so I continued by writing the distorted guitar (A-C#-D...Bm-E), the bass, and the synth vocals. I completed these tracks in about an hour, and it sounded solid, full. However, I couldn't leave it alone...came back to it after lunch and added: 2 electric guitars picking solo notes, an e-bow guitar, a tambourine, and an additional drum sequence (appearing in the center section). It's about 10 tracks total, which is still modest compared to others in this project. Fortunately, I was able to write and record this song in about 2.5 hours.


Thursday, March 11, 2010


I started today's song by creating a rhythm section: 4 separate drum tracks, then synth bass. From there, I repeated the progression 3 times and then I layered a variety of instruments. I structured the edits so that each section is slightly different, and I also staggered the introduction of each instrument. There is an increasing amount of dead-air between each section...some might think it's over before the 3rd round, but I like the unpredictability. I typed the lyrics below in case you'd like to sing-a-long.

LYRICS: "Oooohhhh. Be-Bow-Bo-Be-Bow-Bo. C-c-c-c-c-c-controller alert."


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today's song begins a new album, Week37_Controller. This week's goal is simple...create driving, repetitious, melodic chunks of sound.

I like how this song starts with a 'bang,' but then continues to get louder as new instruments are added (one every 8 measures). The melody for this song came to me last night. (I sang it into my digital voice-recorder so I wouldn't forget). Since I already had the idea in my head I was able to complete this entire song in 3 hours. A few of the tracks (e-bow and vocals) were even recorded in one take each. This song contains: bass guitar, kick drum, acoustic guitar, distorted guitar, e-bow guitar solo, electric guitar picking, one keyboard sequence, and a keyboard that sounds like amplifier feedback. Oh, and there are some vocals too...

LYRICS: "Hey. Oh."


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Song252_Another Turn

Today's song (Song252_Another Turn) completes another album (Week36_Loose Change). It's only 1250...I should have the new album online by 1500 (

I started today's song by creating a percussive section (congas, kick drum, and a full kit), and then I added the synth sequence (the phased sound that fills the background throughout the song). The acoustic guitar is simple (E-A-B), but it's what I was going for...upbeat, quick changes, etc. I added a different progression in the middle for variety (C#m-A...B). The only other track in this song is an "Ahh" choir.

Another week of recording complete.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Song251_Worth Waiting For

Today's song is an acoustic-based instrumental with a variety of sounds. The foundation (acoustic guitar, drums, and bass guitar) was written and recorded in a short amount of time (about 1.5 hrs). I started early in the day, but I wasn't able to return to it until 1900...finally finished around 2250. I like this song. It works as an instrumental, but I think it deserved vocals. I just ran out of time.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Song250_Gravel Roads

250 songs complete!

I wrote today's song on the acoustic guitar, and then I added drums and bass guitar (60bpm). This instrumental is a simple, repetitious progression that fits well with the style of this week's album.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Song249_Texas Plains

Once again, I wrote today's song on the acoustic guitar (Am-G, Em-D-C). Next, I added drums and bass guitar. This provided a solid foundation that didn't need much else. I ended up adding keys to each section (organ on the 'verse' and a synth pad on the 'chorus'). The two electric guitars take the spotlight in this song...smooth and mellow with lots of reverb and bending notes. I started this song early in the day (around 0800), but I took a break from 1100 until 1400. I was able to complete this one around 1545...just in time for a long bike ride.


Friday, March 5, 2010

Song248_From Lovers to Friends

I starting writing around 0900 today. I was able to record until 1100, and in that time I got the acoustic guitar and bass guitar written and recorded. However, when I came back to it (around 1500) I wasn't happy with any of it. The chord progression was probably covered in the first Mel Bay instructional book, and the recording was sub-par. Anyway, Brandon came over, we deleted everything and started from scratch. I had an idea come to me quickly, so I recorded the acoustic guitar and then the bass guitar. We filled in each section with unique drum sequences, and then I began writing lyrics and vocals (while Brandon added the electric guitar to the singing sections). The melodies were easy to find, but I went through 3-4 drafts of lyrics before settling on these (below). I felt like I could've expanded on this song idea...maybe by adding e-bow guitars, maybe more back-up singing, maybe some trumpets? One of the goals this week was to keep it simple, so I was wise to stop when I did.

LYRICS: "Here we are. Together apart. On our own again. From lovers just to friends."


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Song247_Every Sunrise

I wrote this song in a similar way as yesterday's. The foundation was written on the acoustic guitar. The chord progression is simple, but I was focused on melodies and the overall dynamics of the song. In the beginning, there is a long/establishing intro, followed by a short section of vocals (echoed by the harmonica), and then it builds into a sing-a-long-style Chorus section. The Chorus section (with vocals) only plays through once. The end of the song is basically like the chorus, only I removed the acoustic guitar and vocals and then added 2 electric guitars. I started this one around 1400, and I completed it around 1900. It took about 5 hours to write, record, mix, and master this song.

LYRICS: "We woke while it was dark. The sun and others (still) sleeping. We hiked for hours from phones. Had the two best seats for the show. With the motion of a butterfly, the precision of a satellite, the beauty of the one you love...You put it in the sky for us."


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Song246_New Destinations

This song was written on the acoustic guitar. I found a few chord progressions that I liked, and I worked out some rough melodies for each section before recording anything. I used my digital voice recorder to capture some rough ideas, which gave me a great visual template of what needed to be done today. I recorded the acoustic guitar and the bass guitar, and then I decided to record the vocals before layering any other instruments (though it was tempting to continue layering). The vocals are basic, but I like the harmonies at the ending....both harmony parts were sung and written spontaneously...each only requiring one take. There ended up being 15-18 tracks in this song (including a violin, a harmonica, etc), and it took me about 4.5 hours from start to finish.

LYRICS: "I'm always plotting the next move. I see things coming, I just react slow. You're always living in the 'right now.' Happy not knowing the 'why' and 'how.' Is it a matter of time? A matter of heart? Is it a test of patience or time to take big chances? You say that you'll come along without knowing where we're going. Maybe you're the wise one. The trip is the destination."


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Song245_Circus Material

Brandon came over around 1400 today, and I hadn't started the song yet. We talked about some ideas, and then he strummed a guitar progression he had recorded in a different song. We found the right 'BPM' for the part he was playing, and then we built 4-6 tracks of drums that might fit the style we envisioned. Brandon recorded the distorted guitar throughout the entire song, but we only ended up using it on one of the two sections. This song has a natural crescendo, and it maintains energy throughout (even though it has sections without percussive tracks). It took on many different sounds as we introduced and/or deleted drum tracks (as new instrument parts were added). We completed this song in under 3 hours (including writing and singing the vocals).

LYRICS: "Chaos is standard, but a great alibi. Spinning plates all day from a weak high-wire. Overlooking the forest for all the trees. How could we see? This train has lost it's brakes, the conductor's not in his seat, things are looking bleak."


Monday, March 1, 2010

Song244_The One for Me

Today is the first song of Month #9! This one took me about 4 hours to write, record, mix, and publish.

I started writing this song by playing with different combinations of rhythm and bass (at 84bpm). I used synth bass today, and I completed this track before picking up the electric guitar. I wasn't sure (at first) what chords I would be using (since the bass was a spontaneous part played on the keyboard). So, the first guitar track was simply various 2-3 string picking parts. There is a strumming guitar that enters with the drums (and both play throughout). (Verse=C-Em-F, Transition=G, Chorus=B-C-G...D). There are a few different string sections in the background of this song that compensate for the choppier tracks. Once again, the lyrics and vocal melody were a few of the quickest tracks recorded today. It's a simple theme, and not many of the sections are repeated, but I think it has a consistent (and unique) escalation.

LYRICS: "I've walked every stretch of land. I've swam every ocean's width. One look at your smile and I called off the search. You're the one for me."