Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Preparation vs. Anticipation

In many ways this new songwriting project is a great opportunity for me. It's an opportunity to practice and grow in an area of life that I enjoy. It's also an opportunity to create an online resume of audio production that might help generate future opportunities. In boxing terms, this is my 'title fight.' It will challenge (but hopefully not defeat) me. And even if this 'online resume' gets lost in the stack of other musician's contributions, then I can just save it. I'll turn in a copy when I die to see if I qualify for Heaven's house band.

(Below is a message posted on my wall as a daily reminder):

  • Today's song is the most important song you've written.
  • It will live on after you die.
  • Relatives that don't exist yet will hear it and judge you by it.
  • If it's good, friends and strangers will party to it.
  • Don't let today's emotions spoil the potential impact that each song could have for someone you don't know that will hear it on a different day.
  • Don't forget where inspiration and ability come from.