Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Song365_Silent Fiction

Today's song completes ONE YEAR of writing, recording, mixing, and publishing a new song every day. I'll be recording one more song tomorrow (since it's better to run "through" the finish line and not "to" the finish line), so the final album of this project will be available tomorrow evening at

Today's instrumental took about 3 hours to complete and it's 8-10 tracks (including: drums, bass guitar, 3 electric guitars, and a variety of synth sounds). I set the 'click' to 140bpm, and then I created 4 different chord progressions (1=E-F, 2=E-G#m-B-E, 3-B7-E, and 4=A, E, B7-E). Each section repeats a few times then moves on to something else...not much repetition.

By the way, my wife (Carly) is having an art show at the Starbucks in Colleyville this weekend (near the intersection at Precinct Line Rd and Hwy 26). She's a great photographer, designer, artist, etc, and she'll be displaying about 20 framed photos of flowers/nature. You can see some of her photos at

One more day.


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