Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Song364_Into the Light

I started this project on July 1, 2009 (a Wednesday). Each album in this project contains 7 songs...the product of a new song every day from each Wednesday to the following Tuesday. Anyway, today is Tuesday, but there will be no album released today. I've decided to wait a few extra days and release the final album on Thursday. It will be the only album in this project with 9 songs.

I got another late start on today's song. I had Freehand projects (also on deadlines) that kept me busy until 1730. I ate dinner, napped for an hour, and I started this recording session at 2150...cutting it pretty close. I chose to start with the electric guitar, set the 'click' to 80bpm, and I recorded a few simple progressions. I got this track recorded in one take all the way through (First Section=C#m-D-A, Transition=D-E, Second Section=D#m-E-B, Transition=E-F#). Next, I added drums, bass guitar, two additional electric guitars, tambourine, and a string section. I also added a few vocal tracks (each one recorded in 2 takes because of time constraints). I edited each track as I recorded it, so it was close to ready when the final track was recorded (around 2311). I got this one uploaded at 2340.

I heard today that a company in Washington now makes bacon flavored vodka. Genius! I've had a chocolate bar with bacon strips in it...excellent.

Tomorrow's song will complete one full year of writing, recording, mixing, and publishing a new song every day!


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