Saturday, June 26, 2010

Song361_Under the Surface

Friend/guitarist, Thiago Silva, joined me for today's recording session. This was his 3rd time to help during the past year. We have similar styles, but we excel in different areas, so it's fun collaborating. We scheduled today's session for 1000 to 1400, but I decided to lay the foundation before he got here...thinking that it would allow more time for him to experiment on the guitar while he was here. I structured the session into 3 main parts...starting with drums. The first two sections were recorded at 60bpm, and the ending (which is like a second song in the same key) is set to 120bpm. After arranging the drums I added bass guitar (first part=A-E, second part=A-Bm-C#m-D-E, ending=C#m-D-E-A), did some minor editing, and then Thiago arrived.

I gave Thiago a brief overview of the session, and before I could even get his track ready he was playing along. We tackled one section at a time. The opening has 2 main electric guitar parts (panned to opposite sides of the stereo-field), and the ending has 3 main parts. (All of the guitars today were recorded spontaneously by Thiago). I added a few vocal tracks to the end section that mirror the guitar solo. We also decided to add an organ to the intro, which made that section smoother and fuller. The mix came together in one try, and we finalized this song at 1355!


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