Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Song057_Anchors and Hosts

I've grown somewhat desensitized to the sensationalized "news" on TV, but my life has still been less stressful since I got rid of my TV over a year ago. (We still have a TV, but only to watch movies...we didn't get the new digital black-box gadget, no satellites, not cables, no Tivos) I listen to NPR radio and read the newspaper to stay current. I don't miss network television.

This song started with a guitar track that didn't even make it into the final mix. After recording a few guitars, drums, and analog bass I took an hour break and wrote these words...

LYRICS: "You can say words with a smile that would make others stutter. (You can) deliver grief with such passion (and) embrace death like a lover. But where would you be if not for tragedy? Open your windows and unplug your TV's. You can look good in a storm, and (you) bring your make-up when you go to war zones. You make news seem more like fashion than something I really need to know."


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