Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today's song is like other love songs that have been written for a rabbit and sung in Spanish. I started with a single drum loop...pretty standard 'up-and-down' rhythm. Then I added an electric guitar. I recorded the fast electric strumming twice, and then I added a talk-box effect to one of them (and panned them opposite). The song was built around this track. I even recorded all the parts for the chorus before cutting these two tracks out. Then, I switched out the drums on the chorus and it started taking on a completely different sound from the rest of the song. I'm not sure how you'd classify this song...it has many elements that don't usually appear together. It contains: analog bass guitar, violins, a dirty synthesizer sound, a trumpet, congas, a flute, etc. Carly wrote the lyrics for me. She was inspired by our rabbit (or "conejita"), Rita. I don't know how to properly speak the language, so I apologize to any Spanish-speakers if I've ruined your passion for rabbit love-songs.

This song completes another album, and it will be available online later tonight.


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